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Wooden windows have a lot of advantages. First of all, they perfectly retain heat even without additional glass packet. The second important quality is aesthetics. Only a beautiful wood coated with varnish can give the room a cozy and warm look.

But all these advantages are fully compensated by one unpleasant disadvantage: by the time, a whole replacement of your old windows is required. They decay, sometimes rot and deteriorate, so a partial replacement is not enough. That's when we come to the rescue.

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  2. Save Window

  3. Save Money

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How to understand that you need a wooden windows repair

So, if you like for the wooden windows not to spend most of your family budget, it is better to timely detect signs of damage and call our repair team to eliminate it. Restoring windows from a completely bad state will cost much more.

Note the following facts:

  1. Appearance of cracks or chips on glass and frame

  2. Curvature of the box and appearance of visible deformations

  3. Wrong accessories functioning

Problems which can arise:

Windows can be easily restored and completely rebuilt. If paint exfoliated at your windows or there is frame surface get cracked or all windows were deformed, we will be fully able to recover your windows with expert’s assistance. We offer only the best material available saturated with antifungal stuff which makes it very close to original.

It is much cheaper in comparison with the purchase of new windows.

  1. a rotten wood in windows

  2. frame strong deformation

  3. moisture coming to double-glazed windows

  4. problems on your attempts to open or close window

  5. loss of warm through frame gaps

  6. paint exfoliates and color changes

  7. foggy windows

  8. window crack because of mechanical damage

Our company doing repair for all domestic window brands because we are working with reliable partners and offer:

  • window glass repair and replacement;

  • sliding patio door repair;

  • wooden window frame, sash and sill renovation;

  • storm and screen windows repair;

  • windows hardware repair or restoration;

  • shielded glass repair or full replacement;

  • reglazing and window bead replacement;

  • repair of peeling or cracked windows paint;

  • broken seal repair and defogging;

  • sealing and re-caulking service;

  • balancer and windows hardware repair;

  • multiple pane glass replacement;

  • patio wooden door mechanism repair;

  • low-e, reflective, tempered glass replacement.

Window timely repair and replacement

Window restoration is a great alternative to replacing them with new ones, as the fitting of factory window costs much more than restoration work done. Strong, well-preserved wood is often found even in the oldest wooden windows under a layer of old paint. Modern methods and technologies for the windows restoration allow perfect opportunity to get back their aesthetic appeal, increasing their reliability, improving functional qualities and extending their service life. The restoration can give the wooden windows not only good condition but also the new designer look.

The need for the restoration of old windows depends largely on the frequency and quality of their care. The more often and better care will be provided, the less often they will need restoration. All windows gradually wear out over time and their geometry and tightness are disturbed, which can lead to big troubles, for example, blowing, drafts, penetration of noise and dust into the room.

Replacing glass in wooden windows

The glass is always the most vulnerable point in the design of any window. Leaving windows frame open without properly fixing, careless handling when its closing and opening, some object is thrown into the window - all this inevitably leads to the wooden window glass to crack or break. In this case, its complete replacement is necessary.

Glass replacing is also often required for scheduled window repairs. Scratches, chips, cracks that may be on the glass, affect not only the aesthetic appeal of the window but also its heat-shielding qualities. Therefore, if you detect any, even minor damage, then your old glass urgently needs to be replaced with a new one. If the solution of this problem is postponed, then even an imperceptible crack with time can turn into a real gap, which will lead to the complete destruction of the glass. We carefully do isolated glass repair - single wooden windows, double suspended windows, and sliding doors as well as any of skylights.

We Repair All American Window

Feedback of Our Clients

Alexandr Makedon

Company did an awesome job on my Pella windows, they restore rotten wood , windows look like they just installed new ones. Also we had glass service from them recently, it cracked due to the extreme cold. That’s already second time that I have business with them. Very satisfied and highly recommended

Der Greese

Thank you for incredible job that you did for my windows. Crew was very polite and hardworking. In two words very professional.

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